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Konu: Les Miserables COMPLETE mini series

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    SİTE ADMİNİ DCRGDizi - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
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    05 Nisan 2017
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    Standart Les Miserables COMPLETE mini series

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    Two-part mini-series adapted from the French classic by Victor Hugo, starring G'rard Depardieu and John Malkovich. Set against the turbulent background of the French Revolution, the story centres on Jean Valjean (G'rard Depardieu), a former petty thief and convict, who makes good after a bishop gives him a helping hand and becomes a businessman and leading civic figure. But his past comes back to haunt him in the guise of Javert (John Malkovich), former prison guard at the jail where Valjean was incarcerated, and now Chief of Police in the town where Valjean lives. Javert's determination to bring Valjean down consumes both men's lives, leading to a dramatic final confrontation on the revolution-torn streets of Paris.

    Audio Language : English

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